The Way Forward

Archbishop Costelloe has launched his vision and priorities for the Archdiocese of Perth.  ‘The Way Forward’ basically involved a consultation process by which parishioners are encouraged to participate.  To ensure that everyone is afforded the opportunity of participating in ‘The Way Forward’ consultation phase, the following options are available.  Participants my chose to register or participate anonymously.

  1. Online 
    Please visit the new Archdiocesan website at and select the online questionnaire.
  2. Complete Printed Questionnaire 
    Printed questionnaires may be downloaded online or should you prefer, you may request a copy to be mailed to you.  Please contact ‘The Way Forward’ office on Telephone: (08) 9422 7986.
  3. Dedicated Telephone Support
    If you are unable to participate online or need assistance in completion the questionnaire please contact the ‘The Way Forward’ consultant on (08) 9422 7986 Monday-Friday 9.30am to 4.00pm

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